Schick Shadel Treatment Programs Overview

Treatment Programs Overview

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs at Schick Shadel

Non 12 Step Addiction Treatment Programs for Drug and Alcohol Recovery

Schick Shadel has been helping men and women since 1935. Our evidence based addiction treatment is successful in just 10 days!

Perhaps you, or someone you know, has tried to break a drug addiction or alcohol addiction, and failed to do so despite the best intentions.

Addiction treatment programs, well-meaning people and willpower may not have been enough to bring recovery from alcohol or drug addiction.

Addiction is a neurological disease – not a mental or moral problem.

Since 1935, Schick Shadel Hospital addiction treatment programs have helped over 65,000 men and women lose the craving for alcohol and other drugs.

The hospital’s addiction treatment programs are successful in an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance. Schick Shadel addiction treatment programs are staffed by caring, compassionate MD physicians, RN nurses, and professional counselors.

Our non 12 step programs recognize that addiction is “a compulsive physiological need for a habit forming substance” (American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 3rd Edition). Therefore, the person suffering from alcohol addiction, drug addiction or another chemical addiction is ill and in need of medical addiction treatment.

Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs provide a researched, proven successful, medical alternative to many of the other treatment modalities available.

Addiction treatment can be completed discreetly, with just a 10-day inpatient rehab and two, two-day follow-up visits.

We offer the following Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs

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Alcohol Treatment
Marijuana Treatment
Cocaine Treatment
Methamphetamine Treatment
Prescription Opioids (MSContin, Percocet, Vicodin, OxyContin) Treatment
Heroin Treatment

Now accepting IV Drug Use. Please call for details.
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