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Heroin Treatment Programs

10-Day In-Patient ProgramThe easy availability of heroin has made it a drug of choice for users, particularly among young abusers, ages 18-30. Many of those who formerly took opioids, like OxyContin, have switched to heroin because it’s cheaper, offers an equivalent high and can be smoked or snorted.

Heroin is highly addictive, and users need it daily to fight the cravings and ward off withdrawal symptoms. The torment of heroin withdrawal leads many to begin injecting the drug, which greatly increases the risk of death due to accidental overdose.

For more than 75 years, Schick Shadel Hospital has treated addiction with our #1 Success-Rated* program. First used for the treatment of alcohol addiction, this program is the basis for subsequent programs to treat addictions to marijuana and opiates (“oxy,” oxycodone, OxyContin and other prescription painkillers), as well as Vicodin, crystal methamphetamine (“crystal meth” or other amphetamines) and now heroin.

Counter conditioning provided by our caring, compassionate staff is the cornerstone of the Schick Shadel treatment program. Medical research shows that counter conditioning, or retraining the memory associated with the sight, smell and taste of alcohol and drugs, is an excellent way to reduce the cravings for those substances. Because cravings often lead to relapses, Schick Shadel’s highly effective, evidence-based treatment program specializes in the elimination of these relapse-inducing cravings.

The typical treatment program for heroin requires a detox period and includes ten days of inpatient medical treatment and up to three overnight reinforcement treatments at no additional cost. The heroin treatment program is offered alone or in conjunction with treatment for opioid dependency.

Doctor with PatientThe detox program at Schick Shadel Hospital provides patients with a safe, comfortable transition through the addiction withdrawal period, made easier through the use of buprenorphine. Physicians certified in addiction medicine direct the detox team, and experienced, registered nurses provide compassionate and supportive care for patients.

Once safely detoxed, patients enter the ten-day stay, where they receive alternate days of counter conditioning treatment, under medical supervision, and relaxing sleep therapy. Patients participate in both individual and group counseling and join family members for intensive educational meetings.

Nearly one in five addicts suffer from both a biochemical addiction and a psychiatric problem. Both problems need to be treated to achieve success, but often only the psychiatric problem receives attention. Many have died of their addictions while futilely trying to find out why they drink or why they use. At Schick Shadel Hospital, we address both the physical and psychological components of addiction, introducing patients to a non-drinking, non-using lifestyle.

While counter conditioning does not make it impossible to use alcohol or drugs, it makes it possible not to use. Schick Shadel’s counter conditioning program breaks the stronghold of a craving and restores free will.

Please note that due to the size of our facility, we are currently unable to treat any IV drug use. 

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Schick Shadel offers these unique benefits:

  • #1 Success Rate* for Addiction Treatment
  • Fast 10 Day In-Patient Program
  • Over 75,000 Patients Treated
  • Not a 12-Step Based Program
  • Medical Detox Treatment On-Site
  • A Medical Hospital with MD’s, Registered Nurses and a Compassionate Staff
  • Alternative treatment. Addiction is treated as a medical condition.
  • Visitors, Wifi, Phones & TV
  • Most All Insurance Programs Accepted

*Based on results of a verified, independent survey of former patients (success being measured as total abstinence for one year and assessed by self-evaluation), as against published success rates from verified, comparable studies of other medical institutions.