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What is crystal meth?Crystal methamphetamine, commonly known as “crystal meth,” “crank,” “crystal,” “speed,” and “meth,” is a stimulant, which means it mimics the action of chemicals your brain produces, sending messages of pleasure to your brain’s reward center.

Stimulants mimic the action of adrenaline and dopamine, increasing heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate. Like adrenaline, meth increases your heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate.

Crystal meth also constricts blood vessels, dilates pupils, releases sugar and fat into your blood stream and energizes the brain to increased alertness.

Crystal meth increases feelings of anger, fear or agitation (“fight or flight”) and feelings of well-being, exhilaration or euphoria. When meth stimulation goes too high, it produces feelings of panic, paranoia, hallucinations and rage that can progress to potentially fatal seizures and strokes.

Please note that due to the size of our facility, we are currently unable to treat any IV drug use.

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